ABRI is a project of 33 second year students HKU Graphic Design on tourism. Research has been done on different aspects of this phenomenon. Halfway through the research, however, the Corona virus unexpectedly tilted the perspective: what is the meaning of tourism in a situation where everyone is supposed to stay at home as much as possible? When exhibiting the results in AG, HKU's exhibition space, proved impossible due to the current measures, an alternative was found in creating a magazine.

Together with Peter Roeleveld, Esmeè Jakubowski and Aïsha Kanters we designed all 33 projects into a magazine. Not only did we determine the appearance of the magazine, but also the format, type of paper, editorial and typography were among our respon-sibilities. In addition, I was the contact person within our group and was responsible for good communication with the groups and students concerned.


Book design
33 posters, 50 x  70 cm