Bijrijder (Co-driver) represents my trip to Curaçao. During the trip I was inspired by the surroundings. Elements of the past (Netherlands Antilles), were visible in the landscape and culture. One of those elements is the retreat of the Netherlands. Nevertheless, Curaçao remains a popular holiday destination for the people of the Netherlands. However, the contrast between tourism and the in-habitants of the island is huge. Where you, as a tourist, enjoy the happy hours without restraint and spend most of your time at (tourist) beaches or restaurants, you ignore the 'street culture'. There is a lot of criminality, which makes the tension in some places on the island noticeable. While in the Netherlands it is common to walk the streets alone in the evening, this is simply not possible in Curaçao.

Bijrijder shows the route from the east to the most western point of the island. Including everyday customs and habits. How, as a tourist, you experience the images as colourful, sunny and fine. As soon as you focus on the images, you also discover the cold-ness; houses with bars, to protect crime, destroyed houses, etc.. Then I enter into a conversation with Dutch people living and working there and what differences they recognise and acknowledge.

Book design - Photography
64 pages, 21 x 21,8 cm