Passage is an independent zine that centralizes the complexity of cultural diversity. It is divided into topics focussed on everyday life in street scenes. Through participant observation and conversation, the creators surround themselves in the social and public spheres of different localities. Taken subjectivity and personal position into account, a connection is publically shown regarding social complexities in combination with contemporary local artists and writers. This highlights the notion of uniqueness in every single issue.

By negotiating the zine into different locations, “Passage” tries to collect and share as many stories as possible in an accessible way; to expose people to a broad range of all possible images of an alternative set to cultural diversity and to most importantly, understand them.

The zines are part of the first edition of “Passage”, located in Odeceixe and Lisbon (Portugal). It focusses on transnational migration flows, public spheres and cultural diversity in musical art.

[Graduation Project]
Book Design
3 Zines, 69 pages, 177 x 289 mm
Pictures: Joëlle Ekstein