Sense of Space (S.O.S.) is a visual, qualitative method representing both the physical and the mental experience of wandering through the city. By means of tangible signs, which serve in a disorientating way, wanderers can identify their perceptions of their physical surroundings. The familiar is made unfamiliar. Sense of Space is a manifesto that encourages the flaneur in everyone.

The project arose from the obsession with and the fear of getting lost. It simultaneously reflects on the positive experience of wandering around. Is it possible to unite this contradiction in a distinctive design? So that it leads to a renewed vision, experience and perspective on getting lost?

“Sense of Space (S.O.S.) was inspired by works such as Guy Debord’s “The Society of the Spectacle” and Laure Prouvost’s “De-Learning”, and is modeled after Charles Baudelaire’s modern life in the city. The installation experiments with cartographer Jacques Bertin’s method of visualizing data.

[Graduation Project]
Installation - Manifest

5 Signs, manifest: A2
Pictures: Sieske Geven